12 dogs you need to follow on Instagram

Instagram is full of great dog photography. We hand-picked the 12 best dog Instagram accounts that are definitely worth following. Here they are, the absolute best:

Probably one of the most popular dogs on Instagram with a staggering 1.2m followers. This Instagram account follows the daily life of (celebrity) Maddie the Coonhound. Maddie is adorable and seems to be one of the best listening dogs in the world. It's totally worth it to follow her adventures.

This German shorthaired Pointer dog named Lal is a little less famous than the number one on this list but is still quite the superstar. Lal is photographed in a lot of different situations, many of them hilarious.

This Instagram account follows the great life of a super sweet and good-looking Dalmatian called Raina. There is a lot of white involved in this account which makes it all look very clean and simplistic, a great style.

This is one of the first awesome dog Instagram accounts that I started to follow. The photography level here is at its best and the two dogs are insanely cute.

This Instagram account is about the famous Pointer Brothers. Personally one of my favorites. It feels like everything is possible with these two.

Rusty Rodas is a rescued Golden Retriever living in Portland. Rusty is often photographed in human-like situations which makes for hilarious pictures.

An Instagram account with beautiful, minimalistic photography about Riley the dog. Riley comes close to being a professional photo model and has been photographed in nearly every possible situation you can think of. 

This Instagram account feels a little similar to @thiswildidea, the #1 on this list. Andrew Knapp and his dog Momo are also very adventurous and there is a lot of nature involved again. Below is even a shot of the two dogs together. Momo the dog became really famous for his "Where is Waldo" like photobook.

Fugee is one of the funniest dogs on Instagram. The faces that this dog pulls off are worth gold, especially when there are tennis balls around or when there is food involved.

10. WAT.KI
Wattson is a rising star. Not very famous yet but the pictures of this white Golden Retriever with his orange brother are the sweetest.

Probably the sweetest dog trio around (started out as a duo with just Harlow and Sage). This Instagram account follows Harlow and his two little friends Sage and Indiana. Follow them if you are looking for that cute factor.

It's not just about one dog in particular but of course we had to include our own account as well (which is pretty fly if we may say so ourselves ;). We hand-pick the best dog photos of Instagram and post them on a daily basis.