A heartbreaking, truly beautiful video about a dog named Denali and his owner.

Saying goodbye to a lifelong friend is one of the hardest things to ask from a human being. Being able to talk about it in such a way as Ben Moon does in this movie is Oscar-worthy. Few times in my live I saw such a great storyteller and a person who's this passionate about his dog. They really lived for each other.

The 8 minute movie shows the adventures of Ben Moon and his dog Denali. It shows the laughter and the tears that they shared together. Many precious moments were recorded on video and photo due to the fact that Ben Moon is a professional photographer. The result of putting all this footage together is amazing. The movie was created as a tribute to Denali.

Warning: There is a big chance you will start crying while watching this video, so make sure you have some tissues around. If you don't want to weep on your current location, I recommend you to not watch it (yet).