Man gets inspired by his dog after his wife leaves him on his 30th birthday

The story of Rafael Mantesso sounds like a rather sad story. But bad things can lead to good things and that's exactly what happened in the case of Rafael. On his thirtieth birthday his wife left him with nothing but a totally white apartment and a Bull Terrier dog she'd named after her favourite shoe designer: Jimmy Choo.

The combination of the all-white apartment and his, almost all-white dog Jimmy, inspired Rafael to take some artistic and very creative photos. Photographing Jimmy eventually became more than just a hobby and even lead to a professional book. Made possible by all Jimmy's fans. Here is an image gallery of Rafael's work with Jimmy Choo as the leading character.

Nowadays, Jimmy is a very famous dog with over 500.000 Instagram follower, follow him too. It's worth it: Jimmy Choo the Dog Artist