Rainy Days - you'd better dress up

Remember those rainy days where you can cozy up inside all day long with a nice book at the fireplace... it's not happening. You have a dog remember, that means getting wet. Most dogs don't like rain either, what about a classic rain coat in combination with a yellow leather LAIKA HUNT collar? That would be a great way to still have a stylish dance in the rain.

dog lady

Smart and feminine

Show off your elegance dressed in pink.

Sunday chillings, hanging inside 

White + pastel.

toy dog
Crocodile dog

Making friends with dino's

Go on safari with your furry friends.

outdoor adventure
Collar dog Husky

Outdoor adventures

Dogs love to explore the world too.

hello hoku
design dog collar

Dog meets design

Design x Dogs

purple dog collar
azure collar

Dog gifts

Lavender, ice cream, a new collar..