We produced our first leather dog collar in 2015, but the idea for colourful, designer dog collars started a year before that.

We tried to find a good-looking collar for our dog Pumpkin for weeks but our search ended nowhere. None of the collars we found came close to what we were looking for. We were amazed at how hard it was to find an elegant and high-quality leather dog collar. Most dog collars were either too boring, too complicated or made of cheap materials.

We decided to take matters into our own hands and designed a dog collar ourselves. It was important to us that the collar was made of the finest materials and that it would be colourful, elegant and unique. Also, the collar should last your dog a lifetime and should be comfortable around the neck.

We loved to design the dog collar and were satisfied with the result. That's when the idea came to start our own luxury dog brand, as a consequence, Laika Hunt was born, a designer dog products brand.

All that was left was to find a factory that could actually produce the collars. After chewing through many different factories and samples we finally found the magic combination. A small factory in Ubrique (Spain), a town known for its flourishing leather industry, provided us with the best samples. The craftsmanship was exquisite and the leather of the finest quality. It was far better than any of the other factories we tried. After making the connection we could finally begin producing our collars.

If you are interested in getting a collar for your dog, please have a look at our collection.

At Laika Hunt we are dog lovers and want to make sure that this is noticeable in every single one of our products. All of our products are designed with the dog in mind. 

Why is the BRAND called
"laika hunt"?

Laika was the name of a Russian dog born in 1954 who became one of the first animals sent into space and to ever orbit the Earth, even before humans did.  

We believe Laika is one of the most courageous dogs that has ever walked the planet. In honour of this brave dog we dedicated our company name to her.

A photo of the beautiful Laika.